Asbestos Environmental Consultants vision is simple, to Create Safer Environment, we achieve this through our best practice inspection methodology based on the US detailed asbestos guidelines and Codes of Practice.

AEC's experienced asbestos consultants become part of your company's team and trusted advisors, with all of their 45 years of experience in our management team.

Our consultants hold all asbestos, lead and mold licenses in MA and NH, when the change in EPA, DEP or DES Regulations occurs, our consultants would know them by heart and put them in use immediately.

Our asbestos risk management experience covers all industries with solutions delivered to operators in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Department of Defense, Healthcare and Local Government sectors.

AEC team also can take care of your business needs, to get project from its infancy to its finish, and we are only a phone call away.

AEC has always believed that word of mouth worth more than a pot of gold. Your word of mouth is our best advertisement and AEC’s management does believe in this slogan whole heartedly.